Friday, March 11, 2016

Our Voices Carry On

Here under billowing clouds
Sad thoughts an undertow
A new emptiness at my side
Eyes like pending thunderstorms

Walking these roads
Made easier by companions
Goodbyes come too often
Loneliness oh so frequent

Created for relationships
Islands we are not
Not created for singularity
Our gravity drawing others

Orbiting each other we share
In companionship’s strength
And warmed by friendship
In love’s bond made stronger

Weaving through our souls
The roots of friendship
Silently entwining two lives
And blossoming into love

Yoked together for a little
Combining strength and focus
Our entwined lives reach higher
Drawing us to the Son

But this life is tenuous
And ever so fragile
Our every breath and day
Written by our Creator

Our final chapter known
Only by Heavenly author
That day and hour calls
Shadowed in mystery

Our final breath comes
And for most a surprise
So we grasp for a chance
For one last embrace

Our parting leaving scars
Marks of bittersweet pain
We are parted but not separate
Living again in memories recalled

Your voices speaking on
In our hearts resurrected
The roots you placed there
Still flowering and bearing fruit

Parted from us and yet
Never really gone
When we honor you
And the seeds you planted

So faint not from friendship
Give yourself away always
Rooted deep in those you love
Flowering again in each new season

Long after you are gone