Thursday, May 5, 2016

Enemy Vanquished

Light leaks into these eyes
A new day dawned
Open the blinds to see
A breeze ruffling the trees

In the near distance
Storm clouds moving
Ever closer in darkening sky
My heart flutters in this chest

In fear, some lock the door
Some grow tired
And bury their heads
And accept the victim’s path

Some, despite their fear
Put on the whole armor
Slip their hand in His
Step from their door

And face into the wind

As for this soul
Though wounded and scarred
No longer do I close these eyes
My desire to thrive overrules

Though the enemy is real
And his weapons do sting
I will no longer be intimidated
His lies can’t wash away the truth

His fate already written
On his epitaph stone
His lies unable to wash away
My name from the Lamb’s book

Seeks to bind our dreams
And wound us into inaction
Turn our eyes from Savior’s
Rendering us ineffective

But we are not helpless
Don’t have to be alone
For we can be anchored
On the Rock of Christ
On this solid ground
A life formerly adrift
Can now be grounded
And stand against any storm

So this too I choose
To bury this anchor deep
Heart protected and grounded
Venturing forth in the new day

Unafraid I step out my door
The storm still rages
But my frown turns to a smile
Because I don’t travel alone

And the enemy is powerless