Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Thoughts with the Courage to Take Flight

Courage and bravery
Faith and hope
These aren’t easily won
In sacrifice are they born

Decisions and choice
Clarity and focus
Some ingredients for victory
The foundation for finishing

Standing here on the brink
The past haunting my heels
The future requiring a leap
Indecision weighs on heavy heart

Comes down to one thing:


Humankind’s nemesis
It leaves us shaking
Causes us to hide
It dares us to stand

And it boils down
Coalesces into a choice
Will you walk the easy way?
Will you embrace regret?

Light and dark
Confidence or Confusion
Winning or Losing
The key has been presented

We hold it here in our hands

You’ve been gifted
We’ve all been blessed
We’ve all been cursed
With free will’s heavy burden

So we stand here
On the cliffs
Overlooking the foggy shores
Our futures clouded and unknown

Fear snapping at our heels
Doubt gnawing at our hearts
Prayers whisper up to heaven
Quiet voice speaks of hope

And this hope won’t disappoint
For it overcame more than fear
Destroyed far more than doubt
Laughing, stole away death’s very sting

So we can have this confidence
Fear is such as very small thing
When in the presence of God
And we can lift our chins

We can run towards our fears
With God’s hand at our backs
Our thoughts given wings
And the courage to take flight

So we leap into the wind
Wings buoyed by His victory
We sail up and over our fears
Leaving them lying behind

Laying there in the shadows
Of an old rugged cross
Your past self formed by lies
Its burden no longer weighs

Lightened from former fa├žade
You rise from ashes to glory
Shining like a new risen star
His spirit carries you aloft

And from this new vantage point
The past loses its iron grip
Our fears fade into the distance

So, like eagles we rise into a new dawn