Tuesday, February 10, 2015


I've lived this life and traveled far
Through many seasons passed
Chills of winter and summer sun
Valleys deep and dizziest heights

And like a tall ship
I've been cast upon the rocks
And called out in howling storms
Clinging to hope of rescue

I looked into the deep night
Cast my gaze far and wide
Looked for searcher’s lights
Waited long with patient heart

Stinging rain fell
Like persecutor’s arrows
And my heart grew faint
Tears lost in the rising flood

And it has taken so long
For my heart to learn
For this stone to be rolled away
For my soul’s ears to be opened

Can’t believe you’d suffer
That you’d be this patient
Waiting for my weak response
And give me chances unnumbered

How overwhelming is your mercy
Your grace deeper than my sorrows
Your love washes the darkness away
Your hope lifts me above the hurricane

And this is what you've led me to
A life being stripped clean
Excuses and distractions being left behind
Nothing left but one lingering question

Will I die to myself and just trust You?

From this seed is new life born
From this tiny spark
A new life filled with anticipation
A light is uncovered to shine bright

And here this one selfish life
Well, it begins to change
When Your light shines
From my heart into the world around

The darkness is washed away
Truth and hope pulled from my wreckage
A future of Your design created
And a man risen from the dead

And some say there is no rescue
No hero standing by to save us
I for one do not hold this as truth
And my hope is built on my Savior

So, if you like me, search the horizon
Gazing into the misty distance
And long for a hero to step in
Understand that He is already here

And he is just waiting for you
To look into His eyes
To call out his name
And reach for His strong hand

Jesus is our hero
Call to him today in prayer
Accept His help and strength
And move into the future He has for you