Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Returning Son

When darkness seems to reign
And roaring lion roams free
We cower and crouch in fear
Courage flees from weak knees

Some depend on the shine
Of gold and earthly treasure
Still others on power
Deluded by human praise

Falsehoods fly and tickle ears
Flattery flirts with prideful hearts
Ears are tickled by shallow promises
Birthright sold for momentary pleasure

Some feel we’ve evolved so far
Grown beyond our need for God
That we’ve become by science
And our wisest thoughts

Something greater
Something more

What great irony is this
What blindness begs
Wisdom tries to catch our eye
And we’re too busy

Clinging to our own accolades

Deaf are our ears
And blindness steals our sight
Always speaking into the wind
And never hearing His quiet voice

So the earth shakes
And all creation cries out
Since many have ceased
And no longer proclaim

The message of our Creator
The ransom he paid
For our redemption
Our dearly bought freedom

So I ask you this
To take up my feeble cry
Raise your fist at our enemy
Confirm his total failure

Raise the battle cry
Sound the trumpets of war
Lean into Master’s shoulder
Take up the armor of God

For He has gone before us
Laid waste the enemy’s plans
And we have but one duty now
To take back what He has won

So we walk this battle field
Our prayers a refreshing breeze
Breathe out His love with every step
And lift the repentant from their knees

So take heart weary soldier
For this darkness will not last
Raise your eyes towards Jerusalem

And watch for the returning Son